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No Manor garage sale this year

That "stay home, stay safe order" has had its benefit along with its problems for many Manor residents.
Haven't  many of you been cleaning the garage and attic and basement?  And you probably got some of those surplus items ready for our annual Manor garage sale.
But, alas, this year the Manor will not be sponsoring and advertising our usual September Manor-wide garage sale because of the need to keep people safe and socially distanced. That means the OMCC will not place any ads and not put out the sandwich boards. You can use the Forum discussion tool to offer things to other Manor residents (for sale or free).

Covenants and Restrictions

Are you thinking of changes to your home or landscaping? Please contact the chair of the Building and Landscape Committee if you are planning:
  • major landscape changes
  • solar panels
  • fencing
  • building modifications
There are other items covered by our Covenants and Restrictions also. If you are unsure, read the CCR document by clicking on this link:

    Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

or contact the chairman, Steve Brown via email at


Use the link to get an online form to report abandoned vehicles, 72-hour parking violation, graffiti, damaged sidewalks, potholes, trailers parked on the street:

form to report problem

OR on the telephone, call 206-six-eight-four-two-four-eight-nine