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Emergency Communication Center for Crown Hill

In the event of an earthquake or other major local disaster, you can head to the Communication Hub for our zone.


The Emergency Communications Hub is the Crown Hill Center at 9250 14th Ave NW (former elementary school).
• our pre-determined gathering place in case a major disaster occurs that causes normal communication modes to fail.
• here to help the community reestablish communication and information sharing to save lives, preserve property, and protect the environment.
• here to facilitate local information sharing and serve as a gateway through which the neighborhood can communicate with the rest of the world.

NOT a substitute for you having emergency water, food, and related supplies at your home.




Reporting junk on a property:

Online Reporting form for many other issues...

abandoned vehicles, 72-hour parking violation, graffiti, damaged sidewalks, potholes, trailers parked on the street:

Santa arrived to decorate the Manor entry on Nov. 13.
Thank you to Martin Muller, a Manor owner.
Martin arranges and directs the crane operation.