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Thanks to our volunteers who put up the lights on the trees at the main entry.

Brian, Loren, Jeanne, Kathy, Greg, Joe, Jeff. Also helping but not in photo: Dan and Wytold.


Owners meeting wrap up

#1 Board elected for 2021:
President - Dan Weatbrook
Vice President - Andrew Rauch
Secretary --  Joe Wert
Treasurer - Loren McElvain
Trustee (for a new 2 year term) - Joe Macak
Trustee (for a new 2 year term) - Ed Hutsell
Trustee (1 year to complete Joe Werts term as he transitions to secretary) - Nancy Cannon
Trustee continuing to his second year -- Brian Goetschius

#2 Budget for 2021 was adopted.  You may see it in the "Documents" area of our website.

Manor Entrance  Landscape Design "refresh"

A team of community members is beginning solicitations for entrance ‘refresh’ designs to be presented to the community in late winter/early spring 2021. The Board approved an initial investment of $5000 at the October general meeting and enthusiastically believes investing in this beautification project will be of value to and enjoyed by the entire community. 


The refresh will honor the mid-century modern design aesthetic, add seasonal interest, preserve existing hardscape and plantings into the redesign as much as possible, and will consider safety and project/future maintenance. Project completion is expected by Fall 2021. 


The team welcomes new members, input and ideas. Email Andrew Rauch at for more information.

Covenants and Restrictions

Are you thinking of changes to your home or landscaping? Please contact the chair of the Building and Landscape Committee if you are planning:
  • major landscape changes
  • solar panels
  • fencing
  • building modifications
There are other items covered by our Covenants and Restrictions also. If you are unsure, read the CCR document by clicking on this link:

    Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

or contact the chairman, Steve Brown via email at


Use the link to get an online form to report abandoned vehicles, 72-hour parking violation, graffiti, damaged sidewalks, potholes, trailers parked on the street:

form to report problem

OR on the telephone, call 206-six-eight-four-two-four-eight-nine

Santa arrived to decorate the Manor entry on Nov. 13.
Thank you to Martin Muller, a Manor owner.
Martin arranges and directs the crane operation.